Ready For The Holidays?
Whether you're staying in Nairobi, going upcountry, going to the coast for a beach trip, or even planning end-of-the-year corporate events, we've got you covered. We've come up with a list of tips to get your ride situation sorted for the next few weeks!
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Road Safety Annual Awards
PTG Travel has been awarded for best use of online technology in the provision of taxi services across Kenya. PTG received the award from Safety Plus Consulting at the just concluded 22nd Annual Safety Awards Ceremony held at the Tamarind Hotel, Nairobi.
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Kenya's Most Anticipated Post-Curfew Activities
We’ve all missed friends, family, concerts and festivals, and pints at the local past 10 PM, and with curfew finally coming to an end in Kenya, we compiled a list of what we, at PTG, are looking forward to doing now that we have all 24-hours in the day to conquer.
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Stopping River Road Receipts with PTG

Tracking business trip expenses means tracking every penny employees spend to support their activities, and of course you trust your employees to report their expenses honestly. But experts warn that it’s often the most trusted employees who do the most damage with ex...

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Back to Life, Back to Reality :

At the onset of the pandemic, tens of thousands of workers in Kenya embraced the "work from home" measures set in place by their employers, but are now trooping back to the office as COVID-19 cases fall and business picks back up.


Banks, media houses, government ministries, telecoms a...

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