Thank you for your interest in our Corporate Referral Program! We appreciate your assistance in helping organizations sign up for the safest, most reliable transport in Kenya. Once they use our services, get ready to earn your commission! Check out the information below for some additional guidance:

What Makes A Good Referral In An Organization.

Typically, in many organizations throughout Kenya, the Procurement department makes decisions on which transport suppliers to use so any member of a Procurement department is usually a good referral, especially the Head of Procurement.

Additionally, the leaders in any organization (CEO, CFO, COO, General Manager, etc. or their Assistants, Secretaries) have the power to make or change decisions at any time so they are arguably the best referrals we could have.

That being said, sometimes all it takes to be referred effectively to an organization is to find an employee who you trust will lead and push the referral until it becomes a deal.

How Many Transport Providers Do Organization Have?

Most organizations allow many transport providers to have a contract with them. They may have a preferred provider but are still willing to sign up new providers if they see the benefit in doing so. For example, an organization may have awarded a tender to 1 or 2 transport providers but if they see a provider who has better features, prices, reliability then they can still use a new transport company. Therefore, do not hesitate to lead PTG into any organization who isn't already our client, even if they tell you that they already work with a transport company.

Who Are PTG's Ideal Clients ?

PTG enjoys serving any organization of any size in Kenya. Larger organizations do offer a larger volume of business but every business needs transport services and we our here to provide those solutions to our community. So, we will cater to any organization in need of transportation.

Have a referral? Pass it on to us here and earn 5,000 Ksh when they sign up.