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Even if you have undergone years and years of event planning it can all fall apart if your travel arrangements are not planned. As Kenya's most preferred corporate car hire providers, we're ready to meet the demands of your special occasion. Once signed in you get a dedicate team of marshals to ensure your big day is a success.

We are PTG Travels, we are beyond cabs.

How It Works


  • Meet with client to discuss vehicle requirement and booking process.
  • Introduce our team and a dedicated event manager who will oversee your event
  • Discuss how to prioritize your booking and advice on reducing costs.
  • Discuss PTG fleet Options
  • Visit the event venue, and liaise with site officials.


  • Liaise between drivers and the client when necessary.
  • Event Marshals wearing high-visibility jackets will guide your staff and clients to the allocated vehicles.
  • In event of last-minute changes our team is on hand 24/7 to ensure requests are accommodated.
  • Co-branded name boards available upon requests.


  • Debrief with the event manager to discuss overall service and feedback.
Event Photos
2019 Stanchart Marathon
Event Photos
2019 Stanchart Marathon

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