Back to Life, Back to Reality :

07.07.21 04:50 PM By Stephen

Returning to the Office in the Midst of a Pandemic

At the onset of the pandemic, tens of thousands of workers in Kenya embraced the "work from home" measures set in place by their employers, but are now trooping back to the office as COVID-19 cases fall and business picks back up.


Banks, media houses, government ministries, telecoms and insurance firms are some of the institutions which recalled their workers as the country flattens the COVID-19 curve, just over a year from the first announced coronavirus case.


For some institutions, employees have been working almost exclusively from home, while others have been working in skeleton shifts as a bid to adhere to restrictions.


As employees return to the office, and to reality, many of them are slowly getting back to the basics of work-life balance. And if you’re feeling a bit nervous about returning to work, we’re here to remind you why you might just love it!

Socialising with colleagues!

  • The video call burnout is beyond real. Perhaps the most exciting part about going to work, other than working, is socialising with your workmates in-person and collaborating on group projects

Office lunches!

  •   Whether you’re catching a cab for a lunch meeting or ordering-in, nothing beats switching up your lunch plans for the day when you’re in the office.

Ending the work week!

  •  At times it feels as though working from home goes beyond the average 9-5 work hours, and your work week and weekend can blur into one another, making it difficult to switch off for the week. But returning to the office will bring back some semblance of a normal work routine.

Happy hour!

  •  Don’t deny it, you know you miss after-work drinks. The idea of leaving your car at the office and hailing a cab with your colleagues to the newest spot in town for drinks and appetizers is the cherry on top of an often busy work week.


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