Kenya's Most Anticipated Post-Curfew Activities

22.10.21 03:34 PM By Stephen

Kenya's Most Anticipated Post-Curfew Activities

We’ve all missed friends, family, concerts and festivals, and pints at the local past 10 PM, and with curfew finally coming to an end in Kenya, we compiled a list of what we, at PTG, are looking forward to doing now that we have all 24-hours in the day to conquer.

1. Family Fun

After a year of children staying in the house, and now that they’re finally back in school, parents have had to figure out new methods of entertaining their children. From baking banana bread every other day to endless hours spent on a tablet, parents can finally take their children to outdoor attractions so that they can get out all of their excitement, and come home to crash.

Furthermore, many parents are excited to be able to plan December holiday trips with their children to the coast and upcountry now that the curfew and border limitations have been lifted.

2. Big Screen Movies

At the start of 2020, everybody had a surplus of time due to quarantine and curfew restrictions placed on Kenyans on March 27, 2020. After exhausting Money Heist and Squid Game in days, if not hours, the thrill of watching new movies on the big screen began to settle in.

Now that curfew has been lifted, many cinemas are opening their doors to Kenyans and have even started after-midnight screenings. From Rosslyn Riviera’s intimate, private cinema to Garden City’s IMAX theatre, the doors are open. Head over to your local cinema’s website to get more information on movie screenings and requirements. 

3. Going Out

Many restaurants, bars and lounges have been open since before the lifting of the curfew, but with time and space restrictions. Now that curfew is over, there’s no more rushing home to beat a 10 PM curfew, or having to chug your drink down in a rush as bars are allowed to operate until 11 PM.

If there’s one thing Kenyans are looking forward to, it is endless sherehe through the night. Many international artists are slated to come to Kenya over the course of the next few months and with the lifting of the curfew, the night never has to end.

As always, we’re not completely in the clear when it comes to the pandemic, so when and where you can, get vaccinated, wear a mask, continue to sanitise and social distance. However, if you’re just as excited as we are to finally get back to some sense of normalcy, then start making plans to visit some of the best experiences and activities in Kenya now. We’ll make sure you get there safely with PTG.

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