Stopping River Road Receipts with PTG

30.08.21 03:41 PM By Stephen

Stopping "River Road" Receipts 
with PTG

Tracking business trip expenses means tracking every penny employees spend to support their activities, and of course you trust your employees to report their expenses honestly. But experts warn that it’s often the most trusted employees who do the most damage with expense fraud. All it takes is some crafty Photoshop skills to create a "River Road" receipt and send it back for reimbursement.  And while it may look like small-scale theft on the surface, expense account fraud can add up to thousands, even hundreds of thousands in losses. For these reasons, it’s essential to ensure your expense process is simple and clear to avoid as much human error as possible.

With PTG's approval process, we help stop fraudulent claims right in its tracks. The approval function is a cost-control measure that allows corporations to first require approval by the corporate administrator before PTG can allocate a driver to execute the booking. 

The simple three-step process benefits corporates by allowing them to:

 Know the price of the journey before approving the booking

Know the destination of the employee’s journey

Know the reason why the employee is going on a corporate trip

Corporate account supervisors will always receive an email notification prompting them to either approve or reject the booking. This makes it fast and efficient for the company administrator to approve or reject a notification wherever they are.

Naturally, it’s a lot cheaper and easier to stop expense fraud before it happens, and that’s why PTG’s approval process is here to help your organisation save time and effort chasing lost money.

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