Approval System

12.04.21 11:32 AM By Stephen


The Approval function is a control measure over bookings made by employees in corporate accounts. When enabled, all bookings placed under this account will first require approval by the company administrator, before PTG allocates a driver to execute any booking.

Company administrators receive notifications and can approve/reject all bookings relating to their customer account, while department administrators receive notifications and approve/reject only those bookings which are made by individuals belonging to each particular department. Please note that though department administrators are supposed to approve the bookings of their department, the company administrator still receives notifications about all pending bookings of his/her customer account and can also approve/reject bookings of all PIN s under this account.

Benefits of the Approval Feature.
  • The Approver will know the journey price before approving the booking.
  • The company administrator will be able to know the Passenger's destination before hand.
  • The Approver will also be able to know the reason for the booking before approval.
How to Approve A Booking.

The administrator can confirm the booking through:

  • Web Portal

Once you have logged in to the web portal navigate to pending booking where you will see a list of all the bookings made waiting for your approval

  • Controller Screen

Once you have logged in to the controller screen from booking portal you will notice a pop up screen on the left hand side notifying you to either approve or reject the booking.

Click here to access the Web Portal

Web Portal

There are specific email/SMS notification types for the 'Booking require approval' Functionality - Waiting for confirmation

  • Email Notification

All account supervisors will always receive an email notification prompting them to either approve or reject the booking. This makes it fast and efficient for the company administrator to approve or reject a notification wherever they are.

  • SMS Notification

Company administrators will also receive an SMS notification whenever a booking is made. Once the Approver clicks on the link they will be directed to the booking portal to approve or deny the booking.

The Approval Functionality is the best way to manage your company's transport for your employees. Why don't you try it !

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